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CPLP Knowledge Exam - What Happens if I Fail the Exam?

CPLPCOACH.COM Tip of the Week - 2014


Did You Know...? According to the ASTD Certification Institute, the failure rate for the CPLP Knowledge Exam is roughly 25%?
That means 1 in 4 candidates fail the CPLP Knowledge Exam!
Believe me, in all the years since the Certified Professional in Learning & Performance (CPLP) credential started (and I've coached people through this certification process since the program start in 2005), I've never met anyone who wants to fail the CPLP Knowledge Exam!

All CPLP candidates want to be successful in passing the CPLP Knowledge Exam the first time around.

In addition to the emotional impact and disappointment that one often feels after failing the CPLP Knowledge Exam the exam, failing the CPLP Knowledge Exam also means:
  • Trying to figure out what went wrong! and how to be successful a second time around 
  • Paying $300.00 in re-testing fees (Appendix A, Part 2, CPLP Certification Handbook)
  • Waiting until the next testing window to open, which could be months away
  • More hours, days, weeks - sometimes months! - of additional study preparation
  • A delay in achieving your certification

How can you be successful on the CPLP Knowledge Exam?

Follow the advice from successful CPLP candidates, as outlined in our previous tips:
  • Don't practice recall, practice application! The CPLP Knowledge Exam is about application of theory, not regurgitation of information. Make sure your test practice questions align with application-level questions, not just knowledge recall.
  • Practice answering questions written in the same style as the CPLP. Knowledge Exam - which is ALL multiple choice - NOT True/False or open-ended, essay-style. 
  • Use a variety of study preparation resources - especially ones you can tailor to your needs. 
  • Collaborate with study partners. 
  • Use techniques like the SQ3R study method & teachbacks to learn, practice, and share the material.

What does success look like?

If you're successful on the CPLP Knowledge Exam, you'll receive a CPLP Score Report similar to the one below:
<< From: "ASTD CI"
Sent: Tuesday, June 9, 2013 11:48 AM
To: Doe, J
Subject: CPLP Test Results - Notification
ASTD Certification Institute (ASTD CI) Certified Professional in
Learning and Performance (CPLP) Score Report [example previous to 2014]
This is to certify that:
Name:  Jill Doe
Examination Date: 06/09/13
Address line 1: [Main St USA]
was successful in achieving a passing score on the CPLP Knowledge Exam.
The examination covers the following areas:
Diagnostic Indicators
Designing Learning: 89%
Delivering Training: 76%
Improving Human Performance: 77%
Measuring and Evaluating: 66%
Facilitating Organizational Change: 71%
Managing the Learning Function: 54%
Coaching: 64%
Managing Organizational Knowledge: 77%
Career Planning and Talent Management: 85%
These test results were achieved on an examination designed to measure key knowledge as defined by the ASTD Certification Institute and based on the latest ASTD Competency Study: Mapping the Future. Use of these test results for any other purpose is not consistent with the design of the examination.
Submission of a successful Work Product is required before certification will be granted. Complete details on the requirements for the Work Product submission and deadlines can be obtained at www. cplp.astd. org.
Please contact certification @astd. org if you have a change of address. >>

Passing Score Reports are what all CPLP candidates aspire to!

Watch this Webinar Replay: About the CPLP® Knowledge Exam

We can help you get yours with our Practice Exams!
Our CPLP Practice Exams are designed to:
  • Help you "drill" by practicing answering questions written in a similar style (multiple choice) and level (application and knowledge recall) as the CPLP Knowledge Exam. 
  • Immediately score your exam upon submission. Watch your skills improve with each new test you take. 
  • Offer you instant feedback about each question. Learn your mistakes and weak spots so you can avoid falling into the same traps next time around. 
  • Provide you with actual CPLP exam objectives that take the guesswork out of test-taking. You'll be knocking out correct answers on Exam Day with no problem! 
  • Provide you with specific resources you can reference to focus your study efforts, including the ASTD Learning System, ASTD Certification Institute (ASTD CI) recommended references, and online resources. 
  • Use our Practice Exams to assist in your retention of material from a variety of study materials - the ASTD Learning System, ASTD Press books, ASTD Infolines, online resources, etc. 
  • Take the Practice Exams whenever you like, as often as you like! We support multiple browsers and computer platforms - access the CPLP Practice Exams on Windows, Mac or a Linux!
After several years (since 2005!) and hundreds of CPLP candidates, we're delighted to continue to offer our CPLP Practice Exam and CPLP Work Product study materials!
Kris Kern Stark, Curriculum Designer for Kohl's Department Stores, had this to say about her experience with us:
"There's such a vast amount of knowledge you could be tested on and I was all alone. There was no study group in my area. Support from Trish really helped keep me going. It was so nice to know you had someone else to bounce ideas off of. And I really liked all the practice tests."
[Thanks, Kris! We're honoured to have been a part of coaching you through the CPLP credentialing process!]

Watch this Animation: About Self-Study & Performance Support Tools included in Membership

Don't be 1 in 4!

To your success!
~ trish
~ Trish Uhl, PMP, CPLP
CEO, Owl's Ledge LLC

© 2005-2014 Owl's Ledge LLC



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Looking for additional CPLP® study materials to help you with the CPLP® exam and achieving the CPLP® designation? membership now features 300+ mock exam questions!

"Certified Professional in Learning & Performance" and "CPLP" are marks of the American Society for Training & Development (ASTD).

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