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Trish Uhl Guest Appearance on SchreckTeck w/ Gina Schreck & Rick Zanotti

SchreckTeck 35: Social Learning with Trish Uhl, PMP, CPLP

In this episode of SchreckTeck (broadcast Nov 15, 2011), Gina, Rick and Trish dish on social media and social learning - how the tools and techniques are changing the way we design, deliver, access, and discuss learning - and how "the new social learning" is represented in the Certified Professional in Learning & Performance (CPLP) credential  and ASTD Workplace Learning & Performance (WLP) Competency Model.


SchreckTeck 35: Social Learning with Trish Uhl from RELATECORP on Vimeo.


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What is SchreckTeck?

SchreckTeck is co-produced by Gina Schreck of Synapse Connecting and Rick Zanotti of Relate and is a fun and informative Web show about today's technology for building business!


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